How Do I Register My Children and I at the same time? 

In order to register your children at the same time, you must first add them to your profile with the following steps: 

  • 1. sign in to your profile (or create one by selecting the volunteer button) 
  • 2. once signed in, click "my profile" at the top right of the web page

3. scroll down to the bottom and click "add children" 

Once you've added your children to your account, go ahead and register like normal. Once you've selected a project, you will be provided the option to register your children for the same project! 


Can I drop off my child at the event?

Students age 14 and older can participate without an accompanying adult, however parents/guardians must sign waivers for all minors under the age of 18.   

Why Didn't I Get An Email Confirmation?

All volunteers should receive an email confirmation immediately after registering for a service project. If you did not receive a confirmation, then you likely didn't select the final button saying "finalize my sign up!" Please try registering again, select the finalize button, and wait for an email to confirm your registration. 

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