There are several ways to lead a project. You can learn to lead a school or park project such as clear brush areas, mulch soil, and plant drought-tolerant plants or trees. Some public projects will take a little more work while others could be painting a fence. Most public projects will be about 25-50 volunteers and will need 2-3 project leaders. 


A leader can also create their own non-profit project to be completed on LYL serve day at the community center. The project leader is the liaison between the Love Yorba Linda Committee Team and will communicate between all the volunteers, pick up all the supplies, coordinate the completion of the project, and all the while having fun while working hard. We will have some supplies, but you must bring your own materials or gardening tools. You can choose to lead a project, help another project leader as a “Co-Leader”, or even learn more about leadership and get a certificate as a “Leader in Training”. For all leaders, we will give you equip you with everything you need to know to lead your project with success and fun!

There will be a recognition and information night for all project leaders and co-leaders on Friday, April 22nd. You will be contacted by Ashley Aguas closer to the event in more details.

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